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The story

“High Holtage” was the nickname given to my younger brother, Jared Holt, by one of his high school football coaches to describe his physicality when he made contact with another player. Jared's design of a double H lightning bolt quickly became a focal point of his, as he planned to use it when he became a successful cattleman.

In June my family lost Jared in a tragic auto accident. Since then it’s safe to say our world has been rocked. Our eyes have been opened to the fact that life is too short to live with regrets, time with family and friends is precious, and life is all about the experience.

I’ve always had a bit of a backward way of expressing my love for people. Growing up, I expressed my love to Jared either by making bossy comments, or playing the obnoxiously overprotective big sister role by grilling him with questions about his girlfriends who I always found a reason to not approve.  As we got older it turned into more sarcasm, inappropriate comments, and sometimes encouragement in the form of a joking insult. 

When we lost Jared, I felt the loss of someone who understood my quirky ways of showing affection while appreciating me as a big sister, and fiercely loving me anyway. He understood me as only a brother can.

Shortly after his death, I felt the need for my own visual reminder, or focal point, of our connection. I got a tattoo on my right hand of a heart Jared had drawn with the word “sugar” inside it, a name he called me when he was little. Much like Jared’s personality, this tattoo triggered a thought process that turned into High Holtage Designs: an extension of my love expression for my brother and a way it can be shared with others. Having your own personal visual or focal point, be it the name of a child, spouse, parent, song lyrics, funny statement, location coordinates, or even an encouraging word or phrase can be a constant positive reminder of something that is meaningful to you. My brother’s legacy was one that has and continues to put a smile on almost anyone’s face. It is my hope that High Holtage Designs serves just that purpose for you.